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Excel Minds ConsultancyExcel Minds Consultancy was incorporated on 9th October 2009. We are a training provider that provides highly customised training and coaching solutions. Powered by intensely passionate individuals, our team is devoted to make a positive difference in others; to develop people’s potentials and enhance their skills.

We believe in sharing knowledge and skills with others hence we work many like-hearted (and minded) training associates who share our vision and mission. Our main programmes are English Language related, personal growth and team building. Asides, our expert training associates offer a range of skills-upgrading programmes.

Every programme is crafted based on detailed discussion by both parties; the companies and with our trainers, to ensure the training objectives are met and so as to reach to every individual in the training.



EMC Services

1- Standard Training Pillar - covering 3 types of enhancement series

  • Language Enhancement Series
  • English for workplace purpose (Beginner level- 40 hours)
  • English in action (A 2-3 day programme)
  • Conversational English level 1 of 3 ( A 2-day programme)
  • Conversational English level 2 of 3 ( A 2-day programme)
  • Conversational English level 3 of 3 ( A 2-day programme)
  • Communication English with confidence (A 3 plus 1-day programme)
  • The C.H.A.R.M. of business writing (A 3-day programme)
  • Personal Enhancement Series
  • Power communication (A 2-day programme)
  • Presentation coaching program (A 2-day programme)
  • Velsoft training courses such as:
  • Emotional Intelligence,
  • Change Management,
  • Time Management: Get Organized for Peak Performance.
  • Team Enhancement Series (A 2 or 3-day programme)

2- Long-Term Development Pillar - covering 6 types of programmes

  • Graduate Employability Development Programmes
  • English Language Development Programmes
  • Supervisory Development Programmes
  • Mindset for Excellence (A 2-day programme)
  • Inspiring Teams for Peak Performance (A 2-day programme)
  • Nurturing Talent for Development (A 2-day programme)
  • Discipline for Execution (A 2-day programme)
  • Stand up and Speak (A 2-day programme)
  • Management Development Programmes
    • DMP 1- Managing Oneself (A 1-day programme)
    • DMP 2- Managing Team (A 2-day programme)
    • DMP 3- Managing Opportunity (A 2-day programme)
  • Leadership Development Programmes
  • FAD- Foundational Awareness and Discovery (A 2-day programme)
  • REACH-How great managers lead (A 2-day programme)

3- Executive Coaching Pillar - Covering 2 types of engagement programmes

  • One-to-One Coaching(Hour Base Programme)
  • Group Coaching(Hour Base Programme)
learning phase

To train, inspire, motivate individuals and organizations with quality products and outstanding service, Powered by intensely passionate individuals.

Our Clients

Nestlé Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Custom Designed Programs

  • Effective Career & Development Conversations ECDC Program,
  • Courages Performance Conversations CPC Program
  • Nestle Everyday Coaching Skills Training
  • Nestlé Career Development Model
  • Leading Change Program

Off the shelf Programs

  • Presentation Coaching Workshop
  • Pillars of Real Teamwork and Leadership PORTAL program

Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja (KWSP)

  • Communicate English With Confidence, 20 batches
  • Berani Bersuara, 4 batches
  • Leading With Questions, 2 batches

Custom Designed Program

  • Let’s Talk In English, 10 batches

Tourism Malaysia

  • Communicate English With Confidence

Naza Auto Manufacturing

  • Communicate English With Confidence, 2 batches

Petronas Maritime Sdn Bhd

  • English for Workplace Purposes, 2 batches


  • Pillars of Real Teamwork and Leadership PORTAL program

Bank Pembangunan Malaysia

  • Credit Proposal Writing Skills
  • Presentation Coaching Workshop

Ingress Corporation Berhad

  • Pillars of Real Teamwork and Leadership PORTAL program
  • Enhance Your Spoken English and Writing Skills

Lembaga Zakat Selangor

  • Performance Enhancement Workshop (co-train)

Aluminium Company Malaysia (ALCOM) Berhad

  • Communicate English With Confidence

Kontena Nasional Berhad

  • Performance Communication for Leaders, 2 batches

Tentera Laut DiRaja Malaysia

  • Train The Trainer

and more ...