Course and Syllabus

What is GEMS 2.0 ?

GEMS 2.0 is an initiative by the Malaysia Government to increase employability and employment of Malaysian graduates. GEMS 2.0 is the acronym for Graduate Employability Management Scheme, and 2.0 refers to the second version of the program. It is a government capacity building program intended to equip Malaysian graduates with the nescessary attitude, skills and knowledge aimed at enhancing their employability in the market. Talent Corporation Malaysia Berhad (TalentCorp) has been given the mandate by the government's Economic Planning Unit (EPU) that funds this program. GEMS Malaysia Sdn Bhd (GMSB) has been entrusted to manage the program. Excel Minds Consultancy Sdn. Bhd. (EMC) has been selected as the Program Implementation Owner (PIO) for the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Hospitality and Tourism Sectors.

What comprises GEMS 2.0 & how long does it take?

 GEMS training program is divided into two (2) parts where the first part consists of a 1-month on-site training. Graduates will be trained on the qualities that will help them improve personal awareness and employability. This will be followed by a 7-month On-Site Executive Development Program (EDP) which is essentially an on-the-job training / job placement at various participating organisations, for valuable working experience.


Part 1

Pre-placement Program

1 month

Part 2

Placement Program

7 months



Where will the Part 1 of GEMS 2.0 be held?

Training for Part 1 will only be held in Klang Valley.

Application and Criteria

Am I eligible to join this program?

Yes, if you are a Malaysian fresh graduate (graduated less than 1 year upon enrolment in GEMS 2.0) with a Bachelors Degree from any recognized local/overseas learning institution, single, and are currently unemployed.

I am an ex-GEMS / GCAP / GREEN / SLIM program participant. Can I apply?

No. This program is meant specifically for those who have not yet participated in the GEMS, GCAP, GREEN & SLIM program before.

I am interested to join this program. How can I apply to become a participant?

You must first register online as a member then you will be able to access to GEMS 2.0 Registration.  

I have a Masters degree and have been unemployed for more than six (6) months. Am I still eligible to apply?

No. This program is only for those with a  Bachelors Degree qualifications. Any higher qualifications is not eligible to apply.

What are other selection criteria to join this programme?

Other selection criteria include:

  •     Applicants must have a minimum CGPA of 2.75 or higher.
  •     Applicants age must be between 20 and 27 years old.
  •     Applicants must be willing to complete the full 8 months program.


Will accommodation and meals be provided?

During Part 1, only refreshment (i.e. morning break & teabreak) will be provided. Lunch and accommodation are on your own arrangement.

During Part 2, both accommodation and meals are on your own arrangement.

What are the benefits of participating in GEMS 2.0 ?


  • The program is designed to engage and challenge able participants through various program modules and projects. 
  • The program provides opportunities to acquire real-life working experiences at participating organisations.
  • Receives coaching from experience coaches to support development and growth over the Phase 2 period.
  • Receives English Language Assessment using the TOEIC test, and if required, participants will undergo a special development path to increase English proficiency.
  • Participants will be equipped with commercially useful skills and experiences that will enhance their employability and employment opportunities. Employment is defined as the potential to secure a job at a workplace while employability is defined as the potential to secure, maintain, and grow in a particular job at the workplace.

Job Placement

Once in the program, are participants allowed to attend job interviews held outside the training venue during Part 1 ?

 It is not our recommendation however you may do so by submitting your leave application.

Does the program guarantee that participants will secure jobs at the participating organisations that they are attached to during Part 2 ?

 At all times, the program does not guarantee any employment with the participating organizations that participants are attached to during   Part 2 nor does the program guarantee employment at any other organizations.

Are participants allowed to choose the participating organisations they will be training at during Part 2?

 No, the decision will be made by Excel Minds Consultancy Sdn Bhd (EMC), based on graduate’s qualification and requirements of the participating organizations..


Is there any medical coverage while I am going through this program?

 No. the program does not include any medical coverage (i.e. insurance).

Can I take a medical leave?

 You are only entitled to outpatient clinical medical treatment from any government hospitals and clinics. 


Does absenteeism have any effects?

Yes, absenteeism will affect your performance in Part 1 and therefore may affect your placement in host companies.

In case of emergency, whom should I inform if I can’t be present for training?

 It must be communicated to the Training Coordinator.


May I withdraw immediately if I receive a job offer from any organization?

 At any times (Part 1 not Part 2) you are not allowed to withdraw and can only accept any job offer by a non-host company after completing 8 months GEMS 2.0 program.

What happens if I decide to opt out before the completion of the programme?

 You are required to reimburse the Program Implementation Owner, all cost funded by the government and any training allowance by the placement organization (host company), should you decide to withdraw from the program.